Friday, December 5, 2008

Creative plates?

Just a little challenge for today. See how creative you can get when you serve the dinner plates this evening! This is something that I have been conscience of for years, but sometimes we don't think about fresh and new.

In my last job at a retirement center, the chef served up the usual prearranged fare for the servers to take to the residents. We had a set corporate menu that the chefs were to prepare. So, some of our chefs would get more CREATIVE than others, especially with the garnishes. One chef that I remember was more elaborate than some. He'd make "works of art" out of his garnish! Others would just put a squiggly orange slice on the plate and make it simple. It made the difference between a "WOW" plate and just something else on the plate to eat.

So why not try something different tonight with your . . . . TV dinner. Take it out of the commercial container, arrange it on your plate adding some little token of your creativeness. Do some research, before dinner time, on what is edible from your patio container garden or your yard. Stop at the supermarket on your way home and pick up a fresh herb that you have not tried before. Put a sprig on your plate tonight! (Then plan a new recipe using the remainder!) Try something new! Get CREATIVE! Even if you are NOT serving a family or guests, your plate will be a delight and refreshing after your long day!

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