Saturday, September 5, 2009

People Watching at Tillamook

Recently I went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory (see previous post) in Tillamook Oregon. I had some time, so I sat down with my journal and a latte and watched the people. It can be interesting and enlightening to watch people.

It was a cool, muggy day in August and people had sweatshirts or wind breakers slung over their shoulders, their feet donned with rubber flip flops! There were many families with little ones in tow standing in the ice cream line. One young mother and father both wearing baseball caps and hoodies, had toddlers around their feet with the youngest wailing in a baby sling at mom's waist! Bless her!

Beautiful family groupings: daughters, grandmothers, grandsons, great grandma and grandpa, and moms and dads. There were backpacks, jackets and tired faces. But the best of all was one grandmother with deep and bright dyed purple over her gray hair! Her flip flopped feet had beautiful decorations of henna flowers! She wore a turquoise hoodie, had a long skirt and a huge pink bag. She walked with a wonderful carved walking stick. She had her little grandson with her. She took him, repeatedly, back to the condiment table to refill his small portion container with ketchup! I think his main menu item that day was not his french fries! All in all, I had a great time but I seemed to be the only person there that was alone!


Splendid Little Stars said...

People watching can be most entertaining! I love the grandma! what a great story!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi there! Just a quick note to tell you that I'm sooo happy to have you as a follower!...23 grandchildren, oh my! You must have so much fun at your house! Hugs, Paulette :o)