Friday, July 30, 2010

Who started me crafting?

Who was responsible for my becoming a crafter?

My earliest memories are of my mother sewing clothing for my little sister and I. We never went to the department store at the first of the school year, except for new shoes and underwear and socks. Our school clothes came from fabric and patterns that my mom purchased at the local yardage shop.

Then there was my mom's sister, my Aunt Wilma who was also a seamstress. She had clients that she created clothing for. She also loved crochet. As a young girl, I sat with her, when we visited her house and she would teach me the crochet stitches. I really never learned enough to crochet for myself, but I really enjoyed the attention she gave me with our little lessons.

Then there was my mom's mother, my maternal grandmother. She lived alone and cut little pieces of fabric in all kinds of shapes and made quilts! She also made little yo-yo dolls. But I was most fascinated with her quilts! I always said that when I got old, I was going to make quilts. Well, I guess I am old, because since all my children are grown, I now make quilts of my own! I am so blessed to have had this heritage!

(This little quilt I made for my grandson. Not the first of many that I will make for my family!)


Splendid Little Stars said...

The watermelon quilt is very cool!
I sewed with my mother during my growing up years. We made almost all my "fancy dance" dresses. I was so proud that once she made a coat for me!

Marlene said...

Love the quilts. I never did learn to quilt. My mother taught us girls to crochet and embroidery when we were small and my mom's sister taught us lots of things as she always had some sort of craft project going when we would visit.

storybeader said...

how nice to keep the family tradition going. You learned well!

Nico Designs said...

What a great memory and connection. I was asked last week who taught me and it was nice to talk about my former neighbor.
Congrats on the FP, too!!