Thursday, November 18, 2010

current project

This current project is just for me!

I have shown this project in process and in pieces before in this blog, but finally it is all together--well, I'm just finishing the hand quilting around the edges! It's a wall quilt that is approximately 36 by 36 inches. It will eventually hang over my dark leather couch.

I just love the wheat motif in the center of the piece!

I started it when I was staying at my daughter's house. I had lots of scraps and decided to use them up! Obviously, you never 'use up' all your scraps, but I had always wanted to try crazy quilting. Actually, I do my signature quilt with a crazy block, but it doesn't have any embroidery on it. I really like embroidery and enjoy doing it. I can do a little here and there, between other projects, because it's not like you 'have to finish' this kind of project. With Crazy quilting it is difficult to decide when you are finished! It's all in the eye of the beholder!

Anyway, What inspired me was a book that I bought from my book-of-the-month club on ribbon embroidery. I'm sorry the pictures are not very good or you could see that I tried a different ribbon embroidery technique on each block. I also used beads for accents. And I love that nothing has to be symmetrical in this type of project! Overall, this has been one of my greatest accomplishments to date!


Laurie said...

Oh,it's lovely! My favorite kind of quilting!

Splendid Little Stars said...

It's gorgeous, Linda!

Very Verdant said...

Beautiful...I love crazy quilting. It is a fabulous use of scraps!