Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Musing

I usually do a "Saturday Musing" article but yesterday I was at an Autumn Bazaar all day, so I have opted for a "Weekend Musing."

The Craft Bazaar was enjoyable and beneficial. The school where it was held benefited, I got sales, and others fully enjoyed looking at every array of cuteness and whimsy that my fellow crafters could think up! I enjoyed the process, working with my grandchildren--Taylor and Kayleigh; and seeing other family members enjoy the bazaar---going away with their belly's full of pizza, kettle corn and treats as well as treasures and designated gifts for Christmas giving--all a delight to watch.

But as you can probably tell by my own use of the words: "enjoyable" and "beneficial" and "process", I am of a more practical mind. It wasn't a particularly thrilling or giddy experience; it is "work" for me. The culmination of a LOT of work at the sewing machine and the bead board. Don't get me wrong! I enjoy crafting and sewing! But shows and bazaars, while a necessary selling venue, are sometimes exhausting! There's all the hauling and carrying and setting up. Then there is the "being on your best behaviour" attitude. I enjoy talking with the shoppers, but person after person can get a bit rote, after awhile. Vendors around me can be cheerful and friendly, but this particular day, they were busy and aloof. And to top it off, I don't necessarily eat well on show days. Then, when it is all over, there's the break down, packing and hauling again!

But--all in all--I did OK, my pocketbook is happy and I had a "beneficial" day!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Glad the show went well :)
And you're right...they can be very exhausting! A lot of fun, but a lot of work!

Marlene said...

Glad the show went well and you had some sales.

storybeader said...

my feelings about shows: necessary! I get tired at shows also, and think of all the other things I could be doing. That's why I usually take an extra day off, to catch up. Working with the grands sounded especially fun! And then, leaving with more cash that you came with is always a blessing!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I hear you! I am so exhausted after a craft show, I'm not good for much else. I don't really mind the packing up afterwards; it's the set up that takes me SO long. Clothing is very heavy, too. I must make sure everything has a price and that the prices are clearly visible.
My husband usually carries stuff in for me, but that's it. I'm on my own. I take food that I can nibble on, a bite or 2 at a time, so at least I'm not starving. And I bring water to drink.
It must be quite wonderful to have your grands help. When my daughter was young, she used to go with me and sell her own stuff. She made beautiful polymer clay at a time when it was fairly new here.
I do love talking with buyers. A busy show is much less exhausting for me than a slow one.
Here's to happy pocketbooks!