Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Musings--The GIFT of Family

The best thing in life is FREE! . . . Family!

I have the most wonderful family and I was reminded of that fact on Thanksgiving, with 30 of us gathered at my son's house. Even though my son had just been in a car accident the week before and was still uncomfortable, he hosted his chaotic family! It's because of unconditional love that these gatherings are so memorable and enjoyable . . . . . and such a work of cooperation!
Each of us are different--and that's the way it should be--even when we all come from the same parents. Some of my clan are givers, some are authoritarian administrators, some are teacher-like in personality, some have great compassion, some are perceivers, and some are various combinations of traits all rolled into one lovely person! How do we all get along, with all the differences? We love each other! UNCONDITIONALLY!

Unconditional love is a decision and takes work! We have to overlook a fault, bear one another's burdens, and enjoy what we can (what we PURPOSE to love!) In our family, we have a prankster, a cynic, a "you should have", a cryer, and a bossy one. But each of these loved ones have some very enduring traits too! The prankster would do almost anything for you if you were in need. The "you should have" loves the children and has a great sense of humor. You get the picture.

I know, some of you may have had a dysfunctional family situation, but there are good things in everyone and good memories to look back to, if you try. Memories are wonderful; and they sometimes, with time, gloss over the pain, that makes them wonderful!


The Words Crafter said...

I'm glad you're family is so varied and manages to still love one another. That's a gift to cherish.

I saw your comment on my post and had to come visit and....oh dear. You're an Etsy designer, too! I have met some wonderful artists through this site and, of course, I had to visit one of yours. I saw the leaf necklace and HAD TO HAVE IT!!!! I have a thing for trees and leaves. sigh....

It was really nice to meet you. Now, I'm off to check out another one of your sites....

Anitra Cameron said...

We're blessed to have a close and loving family, too, something I'm extremely grateful for.

Your post put me in mind of something I learned a long time ago: Love is something you DO, not a feeling. Or at least, that feeling isn't the whole of it. It's something you do--the helping, the sharing, the tolerating of people's foibles--all of it.

Oops. Running on at the fingertips here. Hope you don't mind!

Marlene said...

Lovely post and wonderful family collage. My daughter hosted thanksgiving as my house is torn up and did a wonderful job. Tons of food, family, and fun.

Tammie said...

your family sounds amazing. unconditional love is a fantastic way to be~