Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yesteryear - Applique Art

Last week, in the ongoing "Yesteryear" blog post, I talked about an invisible applique stitch.  I personally like a combination of applique and patchwork, which was a technique used often for many years providing extra art in quilt design.  Many applique designs were done on a white background, so as to highlight the applique motifs.  Designs ranged from scrolls to tulips to bows and flowers patterns.  

A pair of very sharp scissors are a definite must have for applique work.  Designs must be cut precisely. I like to use a fine grit sandpaper to make my pattern.  Then it will not slip on the fabric as I draw the cut line around the design onto the fabric. After cutting out the design, an anti-fray product can be used around the cut edges of the fabric, before the pieces are turned under and sewn.  This procedure guards against fraying and provides extra strength. You will also need a supply of sharp pins to hold the design down before hand sewing.  For machine applique, you will probably need to pin and then hand baste the design in place before machine stitching your design in place.  

Tip:  If you can cut your patterns so that the straight grain of the fabric will allow the applique to lie in the same direction of the straight grain of the foundation fabric, you will avoid puckering and/or stretching of the design.

Question:  Ever tried applique, of any kind, before?

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storybeader said...

that is a beautiful piece! I'm not much of a sewer (person that sews) but I love fabric. What's the word for a person that sews? Seamstress? {:-D