Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a winner!

I got a lovely package the other day!  I won a give-away hosted by Devons Quiet Corner which included
a Project Envelope, a copy of Stitch Sampler book with a nice bookmark and a set of crochet coasters in spring colors, as advertised, BUT - - Devon is so sweet, she  included two wonderful crocheted wash cloths too! Thanks Devon!

Devon has a lovely Etsy shop that sells stitch markers, scissor fobs, project envelopes like the one that I won and other cute things!  Please visit her shop today!


Della said...

What a nice gift to win! I love handmade washcloths, they are amazing, and so much better than the store bought.

Heather said...

YAY! Looks like such a great gift. I am glad you were the winner!!!!
Hope you are having a great Monday. We've got rainy thunderstorms here! Spring is on the way!

Abby said...

Heather-- We've got rain here too, in the Pacific Northwest--but that isn't unusual here! At least it is not snowing today! But I am eagerly looking for the first few daffodils!