Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've made a new etsy friend, Janelle, who lives near my hometown. She's a creative photographer who makes lovely cards from her work (also prints available.) I love her images! Visit her "things that are made" shop:

Anyway, I love her work, because I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley in California and saw all the terrain for about half of my life. I now live in a much greener environment which I love; but isn't it always this way, you really don't appreciate your surroundings until you are not there anymore?! Simple things of home I miss, like the wildflowers that grow prolifically and cover the hillsides in spring! The state flower is the golden California Poppy; there are also lupines, Indian Paintbrushes, monkey flowers, buttercups, and fiddleneck!!! Janelle shot a picture of a field of fiddleneck that grows everywhere in the valley and the surrounding foothills. It's basically a weed grass that has a blossom on the very end that unfolds as it blooms much like unfolding a coil. An original homesteader, and good quilting friend of mine, introduced me to this overlooked flower, saying: "You can remember it's name by the look of it. The blossom resembles the neck of a fiddle!" If you look close at Janelle's picture, you will see it! (Anyone know the botanical name of this flower?)


John and Janelle said...

check out this wikipedia link! It talks all about the fiddleneck:

BeadedTail said...

Beautiful photo and the wildflowers around your hometown in CA sound so lovely and peaceful!