Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Pillow Line

Well, summer is here. It's been in the 80's here in the Northwest and it is only the end of May. Many of us here have no cooling systems because of the usually mild weather. I sat at the sewing machine and really started to heat up because of the machine light and the ottlight that I use to see better. So, it made me make a decision--I'll be making simple projects, nothing elaborate at the sewing machine this summer!! I had been thinking of a line of pillows and pillow covers--lots of straight seams--and I think it will be my summer project!

I bought some beautiful trims, and I'm looking for some fancy fabrics to make some crazy patchwork pillows. Watch for them! I'll post a picture of the first one that I finish! I'll also have a few little sachet pillows later in the season. Just a taste of the summer offerings! Visit my etsy shop and my new shop at


TiLT said...

Pillows can be so fun & versatile creativity wise...have fun & don't melt!

I left a little something for you over on my blog :) Welcome to the Etsybloggers team :)

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks TiLT! There are some great blogs out there . . .so . . . thanks for thinking of me!