Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pencils for Creativity

Pencils are the start of creativity. Some of us sketch out a visual our ideas, or jot down ideas for the future. Most of us keep a notebook with notes, ideas, clippings, e-articles etc. Inspiration starts from many places, from something we see, to something that we experience. Sometimes it comes from just touching and feeling a piece of fabric, clay or metal. But all creativity ultimately comes from inside of us, somewhere.

Might I suggest taking a walk, when creativity wanes. Or looking at some else's work for a change of pace. How about looking at the sunset-even a walk in the rain when you can't see the sunset. Or browsing the local art gallery. What do you do for inspiration?

By the way, this little artist's pencil case can be seen in my shop. Just click the picture.

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