Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Kid Krafts

Well, summer is officially in full swing!  What are you going to do with the kids?  Probably looking for play days to swap, locating the local water park, finding the children's story time at the local library, and stocking up on craft supplies. 

Little Sister with the sparkly glue

LaRaya's turn!

Kids love crafts, especially because they love to get messy!  Recently I did a craft with two of my grandchildren.  It started when I found LaRaya who is five, and her sister who is two, nearly three, cutting up little pieces of foam paper.  Pieces were everywhere.  I ask LaRaya if she wanted to make a mosaic.  She really didn't know what a mosaic was, but she was game for anything that I wanted to make with her. So we began.  On a large sheet of paper, she wanted to draw a princess!  No surprise there, everything that she does lately involves a princess!   We drew the outline and I started pasting the little foam pieces onto the paper.  LaRaya just wanted to use the sparkly glue on the princess' gown.  I got the hair done, and started on the crown, before she realized what I was doing.  Finally she joined in and had fun cutting and putting just the right sized pieces in the rainbow that she added to the picture.  All the while, little sister had fun with the glue!

This is fun!

Finished product and proud artist!


art2cee2 said...

Wonderful! I love doing with, creating with, and designing crafts fro kids. Try the magazine Pack O Fun for lots of fun kid friendly projects. :-)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun project! Your granddaughters will remember this forever :)

One Of A Kind said...

What a great grand you are ... crafting with children is freeing! Cutie pies