Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Vacay Report

I think I have just returned from the best little weekend vacation that I have had in a lot of years!

Went with my daughter and her family to the Oregon Coast to take in the sites!  We first went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium at Newport.
Then we went to our hotel which was awesome, with a patio that looked right out to the beach.  We spent time on the rocks looking in the tide pools, built a sand castle and got our feet wet in the sea! 

We watched the ocean at night with huge resort lights shinning on the waves.  Gorgeous!
Then the next day after visiting and picnicing at beach, we left for Yaquina Head to see the lighthouse. 

We got a bonus, as the birds were in their mating season on the ocean rocks. 

Then we went to a small cove, where we  got some amazing pictures of seals relaxing on the rocks.  One of them  gave me a show with his antics . . . . but I will save those pictures for later in the week!   
It was an awesome trip as we traveled up the coast past tourist towns and ending up with dinner and ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center! (A few more pictures are on my Facebook page.)

Padriac in the Baby Loaf Cheese Mobile!

Have you taken a mini vacation lately?


tamdoll said...

This sounds so nice and relaxing. (insert a sigh here)

I'm headed for a mini vacation to visit my parents soon - maybe I can visit the ocean also, I would LOVE that, but not sure I want to go to the beach if it's 100degrees out.

Saffron Road said...

We have not taken a mini vacay in too long ... it was very nice sharing yours, though the hook for the seals leaves me wanting to be there too!

Sophia said... glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday break. :) You deserve it.

LOVE that sandcastle. Hugs

storybeader said...

I always ache when I see the ocean. I miss it so. I'm taking Friday off this week - I do that often to give myself time to catch up on things. And to relax with my artwork. {:-D`

Maureen said...

I LOVE the picture of that lighthouse!
What a beautiful mini-vacation!

Maureen said...

P.S. Found you via the Blog Team!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

So glad you had a great time! Love all the photos :)

Jenny said...

that looks very fun!

Splendid Little Stars said...

What a lovely place on this Earth! I love Oregon!
On a vacation once, my family went to Tillamook Factory. We hadn't eaten breakfast yet. And there were my kids buying ice cream cones! yum. great idea, we thought! So we got ice cream, too!