Saturday, April 18, 2009

1950's Embroidered Quilt

In honor of EARTH DAY (GREEN!), I decided this was the correct day to post this post!

My son-in-law, Eric, likes to visit in the neighborhood garage sales. He doesn't like to hold garage sales, but he does visit them! Several years ago, he and my daughter, found a bargain. It was some fabric in a plastic bag, that looked like someone had the start of a quilt. White squares with embroidered animated animals. They were like the ones that I saw as a little girl when my mom went to those paint embroidery parties! Much like the embroidery patterns that were available in the 50's!

Some squares were sewn with a border of lime green cotton. There were more pieces of green fabric and several pieces of fabric in various stages of production. My daughter purchased them all for one dollar!!! She gave them to me and I finished the quilt with a flannel juvenile print backing of yellow and lime green. I had enough of the original fabric to re-arrange all the squares and make the quilt top. Finished size is a full bed quilt, maybe for a child's room! Or with the nature of the vintage embroidery, maybe it would be better in a lovely guest room where it would not get so much wear! Anyway, it was a fun project!

P.S.  I like lime!   See my "Lime Surprise" Treasury now thru Saturday 4:40 a.m.


Splendid Little Stars said...

Wow! ONE dollar! What a great quilt you made! I commented on your treasury (as SparklyPark).

Linda said...

Hey, Margaret, thanks for commenting on my treasury!
And . . . thanks for visiting my blog today! Also, I love the picture on your blog of the pass! I miss living in the mountains!