Monday, April 27, 2009

Juvenile Illustrations

I have always liked art! I took every art class I could in junior high and high school that was available. I love to create! But I have been known to say that my own illustrations, sculptures, and paintings seemed a little "juvenile" in style. Not really realistic, with correct detail; not really abstract; just juvenile. That's O.K. Style is just that----style!!! Not a measure of good or bad, but a matter of taste! And because I like this kind of art, I love children's books! I purchase them just for the art (well, the story needs to grab me too!) I always have a few books around to share with my grandchildren when they come to visit. (I've added a couple of children's titles to my recommended book list in the right column of this blog.)

So, today I am featuring one of my favorite Etsy sellers of "juvenile style" art! I picked these two especially for mother's day (coming up very soon.) I hope you enjoy her creations as much as I do. She calls them: "Little art for little people (and big people too!)" I hope you will visit her Etsy shop:


P.S. We are looking for an illustrtor and a publisher for two stories that my husband and I have written for children! Any leads?


Splendid Little Stars said...

I especially like the monkeys.
So you've written 2 stories! fantastic!
Here's a website you might enjoy:
wishing you much luck and success!

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks, Margaret, for the lead! I'll check it out!