Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Blessings!

We are so privileged (and BLESSED) to be the grandparents of 23 grandchildren!

Andy and I have a blended family of ten children, so 23 grandchildren is not so many! Of course they range in age from 3 months to 21 years! They grow up so fast! I've written about several, from time to time in my blog-- see previous posts. With mother's day coming up soon, I decided to write about my blessed life as a mom and grandmother!

What is a mother? To me,without writing a WHOLE BOOK!, it means having unconditional love for your offspring, regardless of their ages, and regardless of how you obtained them -- biological, adopted, or 'step children'--although we NEVER use that term in our family! If they call you mom, they are your children and I choose to love them! It also means, being there for them when they need someone to affirm them and ALWAYS forgiving slips in behaviour! (I always told them, when they were growing up: "I might abhore your behaviour, but I will always love YOU!") I read a little book by Jerry Cook, called Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness. Although it is specifically about Christian love in the church, it's become my motto. (I've added it to my recommended books section in the right column.)

My kids? I'm truly blessed with three homemakers, two who home school our grandchildren; a financial advisor, an IT guy, a graphic artist, a children's pastor, a financial trainer, a math teacher and a project manager. All of their spouses are awesome people and I love them just as much. Are they all done having kids? Well, no . . . several more grandchildren will be on their way, including a few that will be adopted! A new experience for me!

So . . . be sure to honor your mom this season and if you are a mom, recount to yourself all the little blessings, all the memories, all the surprises and you will find that you, too, are truly blessed!

P.S. Photo taken by Mommy Annie of my grandson Roman with his daddy, Aaron.

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