Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Blues!

Well, it's Monday and the start of a new week. Went off to work first thing (part time job that may end real soon), and then, when I came home, I wondered what to do with myself! So many directions, telling me what to do! Craft projects calling out to me, laundry too! Bills to pay, deposits to make, bookwork to do. Really in a funk, I guess! And I'm not talking about music! Business slow lately, afraid to start new projects. I've got a lot invested now, and not sure how much more I can afford. I know of one friend that had to make a hard decision about whether to keep her brick and mortar shop open. The decision was difficult, but she decided to scale down to her internet shop only. I don't know how that is working for her, but many business men and women are in the same boat! Times are tough right now! Decisions come hard! But, decisions we must make, toward our futures. Good or bad, we need to press on and not get stuck!

Anyway, creativity is fleeting tonight and a funk has set in . . . but . . . I looked for some inspiration, and found a poem by Emily Dickinson. I changed it a little to fit my mood and situation!

There Is Another Sky by Emily Dickinson
(adaptation by Linda Pruitt in blue print)

There is another life,

Ever serene and fair,

And there is another day way,

NO darkness be there;

Never mind faded insights, Linda,

Never mind silent minds

There is a little forest,

Whose leaf is ever green;

There is a brighter garden,

Where not a funk has been;

And in its unfading flowers

I hear the bright bee hum:

Creativity, my brother,

Into my garden come!


BeadedTail said...

Great adaptation of a wonderful poem! Hope the funk is over and the creativity returns!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Funks may come and go, but look at you, finding the silver lining in the cloud!

patchfirstshop said...

I thought it's only me that have this hard time.. I know how you feel.. I want to make new things but don't have enough supplies to do.. and still can't decide to buy new supplies.. no money-in, don't want money out....

TiLT said...

wonderful's to hoping the funk turns around sooner rather than later :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I totally understand the funk! I've kinda been there the last few days myself with way to much to do and not wanting to do any of it! I hope your funk is gone now :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love how you adapted the poem :)

And you're not alone in this money mess! I've been laid off for 4 months now! I have a B.S. in Management and still can't get a job!

Hope things start to look up for all of us :)

Tulip's Talking said...

Very much enjoyed the poem adaption! Thank you for the encouragement regarding my son... I wonder though.




Geez, do I understand that word!

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