Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Fabric!

I found this fun fabric at an estate sale!  It's  a Robert Kaufman fabric.  I just love the kids saying what they want to be.  This might make a great children's apron!  (It's now for sale in my shop.)
So you ever shop estate sales?  Tell us about one of your favorite finds!


Erika said...

I like estate sales. My favorite things are a vintage pillow covering with a gorgeous center detail, handmade lace, buttons, and postcards.

Marlene said...

Really fun fabric. I too like estate sales. I look for old buttons, costume jewelry, old lace - anything that looks like it can be recycled into my art or jewelry.

Ani said...

What darling fabric!

Yes, I shop estate sales every chance I get. Our house is Full of antiques bought on the cheap, but probably my very most favorite find is an old rubber stamp with tiny removable letters, and four or five channels to put them in. You can spell out entire long sentences to stamp. It is So cool.