Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yesteryear - Birds!

I found a pattern for a bird quilt from an old (September 1977) Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.  I love it and want to try it on a small quilt.  The design is by Vera Crutter, an award winning needleworker.  The birds are ingeniously constructed of bias tape appliqued and embroidered on to a 12 inch block!  She originally had nine different patterns.  These patterns sold  for 35 CENTS each or $2 for the set!  WOW!  What a  bargain from today's standards!

I would like to try this, only I would not use bias tape, but strips of fabrics!  Hope this inspires you to try something new!  any ideas?


CountryDreaming said...

This cardinal/blue jay design already looks comfy-cozy from the drawing itself. I can imagine its softly-puffed beauty when sewn into a quilt, and it's easy for your mind to fill in the colors of these familiar songbirds.

storybeader said...

these cardinals would be pretty as one block framed or as a quilt of any size! Have fun with it! {:-D


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