Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blog Carnival - Romance or Winter?

For our Etsyblogger Team Blog Carnival this time, we have a choice of writing about  a romance book or movie that we liked or about a winter experience that we have had.

I could write about my favorite romantic movie for the Etsyblogger's blog carnival, but I think I have already done that here in this blog. My favorite is "You've Got Mail."   I love the story, and the scene changes. So I'll say no more about that and I will write about a series of books that I read.  I like them for their developing romance themes.  They are a bit bland for those of you who like racy romance stories, but I like the settings, the culture and the respect that is shown as a result of the cultural traditions.  I'm speaking of books by Beverly Lewis about the Amish.

I used to live about 15 miles from an Amish community, and loved to go visit their grocery, and fabric shop.  I guess their culture intrigues me, so I read Beverly's books.  All of them have a thread of romance along with the story plot.  They are relaxing reading and feel good books!! Anything that Lewis writes, I recommend!

(Picture is of a set of Amish dolls that I am making--watch for them in my handcrafts shop!)


storybeader said...

cute little doll. And that's for the reading tip! {:-D

Cherie said...

I am new to etsybloggers and not sure how everything works, but I am glad to have found your blog!

I live right outside of Lancaster, Pa and live near some Amish farms. I also love their culture and they make the best baked goods!

I am a jewelrymaker and I don't sew, but wish I could!!!!! What a talent!


Linda Pruitt said...

Hi Cherie--
Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming part of the etsybloggers team! We lived in North Central Missouri, near Jamesport. There you can see lots of Amish farms!

Splendid Little Stars said...

cute doll!
Have you ever read Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish?

Abby said...

No, Margaret, I haven't read that, Should I?

Linda B said...

I forgot to post mine on team

Cookala said...

hi! Your blog is wonderful! I loved the poem (I write poetry, too) - how sweet and romantic! I'm also new to the EtsyBloggers team - and also learning how everything works. Do all the team members write for the carnival, or does it get assigned?


ReRe said...

We have a very large Mennonite population here and so enjoy doing some of our shopping about a mile from home. Handmade butter, breads, pies ... fresh, local eggs, with some fruits, and veggies. Oh, and the ice cream!