Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grocery Bags

Our state is considering outlawing plastic take-home grocery bags.  You can still have paper ones--that kill trees--but you will have to pay a deposit for them to the retailer, since they are more expensive than the plastic ones.

Then there is the sanitary issue of those reusable bags that they sell at the store for a couple of bucks!  People toss them in their trunks, they sit on the floor board of your car, and then are taken inside and set on the kitchen floor while you unload.  And that is not to mention the meat juices that just spilled in them!  One grocery store checker told me a story about reaching into and filling one customer's reusable bags and then breaking out in a rash on her arms almost immediately after!  She said that she was only allergic to certain weeds, and I said that you never know where the bags have been!

Anyway, I have begun to make nice fabric grocery bags out of cotton fabric that can easily be thrown in the laundry when needed.  They are custom made from any fabric that the customer picks.  You can click (on the picture above) Debbie Mumm Farmer's Market print one that I have pictured above to see the specs and how they are made, if you are interested.  Or you can order a CUSTOM bag, one or more, here.   


Marlene said...

Great idea Linda, they appear well made. I have several totes already as I live in the same state. Mine are not fabric but are washable. I also try and remember to take my own paper bags back to the store with me.

Linda B said...

That looks like a nice bag to use. I used to keep them in the trunk, but now I have jewelry in one nice big tote, that I'll have to wash and put bag.

It's so much easier for me to carry in the totes.

Hope you sell a lot of those.

art2cee2 said...

What a great idea! I always take my bags with me to the store...yes they are mostly the plastic ones but I do have a few fabric ones. You have a good point about the meats and all, and something I never thought about.

OnePerfectDay said...
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OnePerfectDay said...

This is a great market bag!
It's the perfect size and shape too!