Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Embroidery Embellishment

Coin Purse by PruittDesign
Lately, I am really enjoying embroidery.  I haven't really sold many of my embroidered art hoops, but I still enjoy embroidery in the evening; it's relaxing.  This weekend I was making a batch of zipper pouches for an upcoming craft show, when I was inspired to put embroidery on one of them.  It turned out pretty cute and I was pleased.  Apparently several Etsians were too, because it got several fave's in the first few hours that it was listed! 

I am wanting to do more elaborate designs, especially in conjunction with ribbon embroidery, crazy quilting and embellishing with beads.  I have done this before, even have a couple of items in my shop with crazy quilting (including this brooch that is clearance priced!)

Crazy Quilt Brooch by PruittCreations
but . . . I haven't done enought of it to suit me! One of my goals for 2012 involves being more extravagant.
So you can see what I am talking about, I have found a couple of Etsy items that I really like that utilize these techniques. 

Victorian Pillow by Kittyandme

Phone Pouch by HummingNeedles

And then there is my very favorite, Waterrose.  I like most everything that she embellishes, so do over 11,000 Etsy admirers!
Hydrangea Bridal Cuff by Waterrose

Hope this inspires you, like it does me, on to newer projects and different techniques! 
What are you longing to try?  Anything extravagant?


Waterrose said...

How wonderful and I'm honored that you would include my work on your lovely blog. Can't wait to see your more intricate pieces!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are very inspired! Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with;)

Rose said...

I agree that embroidery is very relaxing. Your zipper pouch is cute! I love Waterrose's work, too.

Splendid Little Stars said...

pretty pouch, Linda! I like the added embroidery.
You found some lovely items. I agree that Waterrose has some exquisite pieces.

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Linda, how sweet of you to mention my Victorian Crazy Quilt Pillow! Thank you so much!


PS I just "liked" you on Facebook!

storybeader said...

your embroidery is really pretty. And change purses are a great thing to put in your purse! I think the eyeglass case is a good idea - people are always needing them! {:-D

Laurie said...

I am inspired! I adore the hydrangea cuff you liked, too.