Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got an Imagination?

I recently---last spring-- bought some decorator fabric to make a large floor pillow.  I never made it, and the fabric just sat on the shelf.  Anyone ever do that?  Anyway, I decided to use it for something else.  In the summer, I made myself a vest for the fall season, which I have worn several times this season.  Sorry, no picture.  But with the scraps, I made a couple of little zipper pouches.  One with a wristlet strap and one without.  I thought you might like to see them--they are available in my shop:

Zipper Pouch and Wristlet

inside fabric

Now can you imagine what my vest looks like?  The front sections of the vest are made from the green fabric and the back is made from this beautiful cinnamony mauve fabric, as seen in the inside of this pouch. Maybe I will take my picture, the next time I wear the vest!


art2cee2 said...

Cool that you used your scraps so nicely. I buy things all the time with a use in mind and they still sit waiting.... :-)

Erika said...

I like how you used your scraps. I am horrible about getting fabric and then keeping it for years before using. What is that nonsense? Luckily, there is a group needing blankets and lap throws for the elderly so my hubby suggested I use the fabric for that cause.

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I would love to see the vest! As great as those pouches are...I'm sure it's great!

And yes...I do that ALL the time! That's why I have so many unused supplies!!!

tamdoll said...

Linda, you just described just about every fabric purchase I have ever made. They all get tossed into my workroom... and sit... sometimes for years before I catch up to them! And then I rarely make what I had intended it for if I can even remember that. Kind of silly. I do like your zip pouches, the vest is probably fantastic!

Rose said...

Beautiful pouches! It's great to use the scraps like that.

I definitely do that, too, with supplies!

Jenny said...

Nice! I've done that before. I tend to buy materials before I'm even sure what to do with them just because they capture my attention and make me feel inspired. Then later when I find them in my messy craft room, I try to figure out what to do with them :)