Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dress It Up!

I love chocolate covered cherries!  Available only at Christmas time, mostly!  I have even made them from scratch; well, bought cherries with the stems attached, chocolate for dipping and made my own fondant filling, some with rum!  But I won't go into that now.  

For today, I want to share a couple of ideas to dress up the ones that you can get quickly and inexpensively at the market.

I usually eat them straight out of the box,  hee hee!

But with just a little effort, you can make a show of them for you and your guests!  Get a lovely plate--this one is a vintage Franciscan Desert Rose candy dish, footed and with a long handle.  Add some fancy paper cups--these are foil, but you can get those with Christmas designs on them.  Place the candies in the cups, add other treats around and there you have it!  Don't forget to garnish the plate with a maraschino cherry and a sprig of mint or parsley for color!

Then there is another way--put the candies in a see-through container, add a fabric or ribbon bow around the rim and you're all dressed up to serve! And this idea adds a little bit of the season to your everyday counter top!

What do you do with your favorite candy to "dress it up" for the Holidays? I bet you use your own home made candies!  Share a link to your recipes and ideas, below. 

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Mmmm...makes eating them even more fun :)