Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spool Tree Ornie

Need an activity for the kids? 
Have old empty thread spools?  

You will also need, wrapping paper scraps, a piece of felt, tape, glue gun, scissors, leftover beads, ribbons, and bobbles.

Be careful with the glue gun--It's hot!  Maybe adult help would be nice!

Now, have at it!  Cut paper and wrap around each spool.  Secure with tape.  Fashion a "tree skirt" from the felt. I made mine out of red felt cutting the edges with a scalloped edging.   Hot glue the spools and the 'skirt' in place to make a "tree" then decorate with ribbon, beads, and bobbles!  I fashioned a hanger through the middle of my spool with floral wire to make a hanger, but I am sure you could do this with ribbon too!  Be creative!  That is what the 30 Days of Christmas Fun is all about!!!!!  

Only one more '30 Days of Christmas Fun' linky left--this next Friday!  Don't forget to link with us on Friday!  Show us your ideas, decorations or what the kids made for the holidays!  We want to see!!

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Happy Holidays!!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I love this idea:)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I've been seeing empty spools at thrift stores lately, not sure why, and I always want to make something cool. Never thought to make an ornament! Now I might have to pick some up.

Rose said...

Really cute! What a fun way to use up old spools.