Thursday, December 6, 2012

Need a Hostess Gift?

Lots of parties during this season!  We are always grateful to the hostess for doing all the behind the scenes work.  Need a little gift to take to the party or a last minute gift?  Colorful holiday towels are readily available  in most stores and are always appreciated! I saw some yesterday that were 60% OFF!

Wrapping is not a problem either, since they are already so pretty!  Just tie a bow with a lovely ribbon and there you have it!

Pick up a couple towels as you shop and you will be ready! 


Anonymous said...

Cute idea!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Great idea! Holiday dish towels are always so fun to use -- and I bet there are some awesome handmade ones on Etsy!!!

2justByou said...

Great idea for a quick gift! =0)

Rose said...

What a great, simple gift idea! Lately for baby gifts I've been buying small items like shampoo and wrapping them in towels.